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Rêve Le Code militaire La Chanson des reptiles



Author Jean Carrive
People cited Pierre Picon, Gérard Rosenthal, dit parfois Francis Gérard


Handwritten manuscripts signed by Jean Carrive for the twelfth and last issue of The Surrealist Revolution.


Rather discreet in the Surrealist group, Jean Carrive distinguishes himself by contributing these two texts for the twelfth and last issue of the journal that we may deem without hesitation as “canonic”: a dream narrative and an automatic text titled ironically “The military code.” Pierre Picon, Francis Gérard and Carrive himself are the main figures of the first narrative, which revive certain figures from Classical culture (but doesn’t Anankè come directly from Hugo?), while also creating new ones, thanks to a very seductive realism, due to the repetition of three magic letters: sic! [Atelier André Breton site, 2005]

Handwritten manuscript signed, undated [1929].
-“Dream”, handwritten manuscript signed of 9 pages in-8°: “Why have we taken the evening train? As far as I recall, to avoid the nocturnal cold preceding the new moon.”

-“The military code”, handwritten manuscript signed 4 pages in-8°

-“The reptile song”, handwritten manuscript signed 2 pages in-8° : “In a rubber silence we crossed the dead city.” The first of these is unpublished. [Auction catalogue, 2003]


Creation datesd [1929]
Number of pages15 p.
Breton Auction, 2003Lot 2080
CategoriesManuscripts, Surrealists Manuscripts
Set[Manuscripts] Jean Carrive [Pierre Picon], [Journal] La Révolution surréaliste
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