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Are you looking for specific information or would you like to speak to us? Would you like to add an object notice for an item from the Breton collection that is not yet on the website? All you need to do is write to me at the email address listed below. 

There is much yet to be completed on this site. Would you like to propose the addition of specific elements (image or text) to the 7,000 notices already accessible on this site? You can go to the URL of your choice and make suggestions via the wiki. Your suggestions and comments will be reviewed by the advisory council and will be published online within a week.

This site is a work in progress. Some of our data was lost in 2008, and we have been working to reconfigure the site and develop it from its first edition in 2003.

Most of the categories for the notices online are established. Photography, tracts, paintings, sculptures, tribal arts and a good half of the manuscripts are organized, completed and up to date according to the information from the auction catalogue of 2003. The Folk Arts need to be organized, but the notices are written. The books, half of the manuscripts, and the letters need to be organized, and their metadata is almost complete but needs to be edited.

Since 2003, the site has been open to publishing research from scholars. Volunteers can also participate actively by helping to add information to the site.

Professors and teachers can also elaborate this work, with help from their students. Scholarship on Surrealism and on André Breton can be of benefit to you, and to others. I will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Constance Krebs Association Atelier André Breton