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"We don't ear it that way": A Surrealist polemic which started with this tract, written in Paris in French and then in English for the public of New York. Started by the Surrealist group of Paris to protest against the presence of Dali at the Surrealist exhibition held at the D'Arcy Galleries in New York, in November and December of 1960.  It seems that Dali had been invited by the gallery coordinator (indicated by a few letters in the Breton archives), but also with the agreement of Marcel Duchamp, who stayed friends with the Spanish painter, despite the disagreement of André Breton.

André Breton, the official co-organizer of the exhibition, was opposed to Dali's presence and his painting which seemed to figure a "Madonna" entitled "L'oreille anti-matière."  According to Dali, he responded to the surrealist tract with another tract, "New York Salutes Me," in which he revindicated himself to be surrealist and explained that in being a surrealist painter, he never had the slightest idea of what his painting signified. 

Copy N°1/25 ex. on large paper (colored with green tint) "adorned with a few hairs of the real moustache."

This tract was also transcribed. You can find it on the site of Centre de recherches sur le surréalisme, Mélusine.

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Date of publication 01/12/1960
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Set[Exhibitions] 1960, International Surrealist Exhibition, D'Arcy Galleries, New-York
Exhibition1960, Surrealist Intrusion in the Enchanters' Domain, International Surrealist Exhibition, D'Arcy Galleries, New York
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