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By (artist) Aloïse Corbaz, dite Aloïse


"And what is this world which the uninterrupted fresco of Aloïse celebrates so interminably? Il is very particularly the cosmogony of a woman. No matter how confined she had become in the incorporeal zone of ideas, how foreign to all flesh and real life, how alienated, Aloïse remained a woman-perhaps more wholly so than anyone else for having always so obstinately refused all contact or exchange. Her empyrean is peopled by those elements-crowns of roses, nuptial feasts, legendary loves, brocades and glittering cascades of jewels-which make the world of girls go round. The paintings of Aloïse seem to me to be the only solemnization ever done of them-or at least to my mind with so much authority." Jean Dubuffet ("Haut art d'Aloïse", In: L'Art Brut, volume 7 (Aloïse), 1966, p. 15).

Physical description49 x 65,6 cm (19 1/4 x 25 7/8 in.) - Crayons de couleurs sur 4 feuilles jointes (dessin double face), sd
Breton Auction, 2003Lot 4023
CategoriesModern Paintings
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