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[How nice of you to send me the prose of MM Malberl and Baux...]

Letter dated June 24th, 1929



Author André Thirion
People cited Louis Aragon, Emmanuel Berl, Jean Guéhenno, D. H. Lawrence, André Malraux, André Thirion
Letter to Paul Gustave van Hecke, André Breton


Handwritten letter by André Thirion to André Breton, dated June 24th, 1929.

The end of a relationship (at the end of the letter) and controversy; in this letter from Thirion to Breton, dated June 24th, 1929, is enclosed the copy of a letter to the Director of Variétés, responding to Malraux and Berl’s responses. While Breton and Aragon will say they refuse to be involved in a controversy with people who are not invited to participate in the debate, Thirion seeks here to give his opponents the runaround by taking up their arguments and ridiculing them. These letters will be published together in the August 15th issue of the Belgian review. [Atelier André Breton website, 2005]

Handwritten letter, June 24th, 1929.
- 1 page in-4° letter handwritten in black ink, signed and dated by Thirion to Breton about critical articles on André Malraux and Emmanuel Berl published in the issue of the Belgian review Variétés “Surrealism in 1929.”

“Mr. Berl, the famous pamphleteer, and Mr. Malraux, the well-known Chinese revolutionary.” [Auction catalogue, 2003]

Creation date24/06/1929
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Breton Auction, 2003Lot 2145
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CategoriesLetters to André Breton
Set[Correspondance] Lettres d'André Thirion, [Journal] Variétés
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Enveloppe titrée par Breton contenant des éléments datés pour la plupart de 1929 et relatifs à ces affaires.
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