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By (artist) Simon Hantaï


Simon Hantaï
"In these early days of 1953, it was Simon Hantaï who breathed life into those fabulous beings who formed his retinue, moving as no other creature ever had, in a light never seen before. Simon Hantaï who might well have haunted, like the other Simon, 'that dwelling place where the Root of All has its foundations'. I dream of those magnificent prints (signed Soemmering, Scarpa, Walter, Caldini, Albinus, etc.), which decorate old anatomical treatises, where each architecture or texture of a human organ is backed up by an analogical plant structure: uterus and tobacco flower, inner ear and Peruvian balsam (See La Médecine pittoresque, Paris 1834-1837). Putting such elements in relation needs must one day lead to their fusion, and here, in effect, we touch on a universe where they combine to perfection." (Paris, L'Étoile scellée, « Simon Hantaï » (présentation d'André Breton), 1953.)

Creation date1950
Date of publication 1950
Physical description87,8 x 83,5 cm (34 5/8 x 32 7/8 in.) - Huile sur toile
Copyright© ADAGP, Paris, 2005.
Breton Auction, 2003Lot 4298
CategoriesModern Paintings
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