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By (artist) Alberto Gironella


"It is true that Gironella is infinitely more direct, and that the range of liberties which he allows himself with his models is incontestably better stocked on the side of blows rather than that of gentle flicks of the hand. Whatever; much more than to veritable abstraction or generalized pastiche, the ends which he pursues are the province of the highest degree of distraction: not a simple masquerade, but a disconcerting symphony to the degeneration which occurs when a theme has been worn out, becoming totally deformed. This point is but the prelude to the triumphant appearance of innovative forms, where all the bitterness and all the plenitude of poetic truth meet and combine. So it is that queens depart. And ruins blossom." Édouard Jaguer (Gironella, Mexico, Ediciones ERA, 1964, p. 99).

Creation date1965 - 1966
Physical description137 x 180 cm (54 x 70 7/8 in.) - Huile sur toile
From / ProvenanceDon de l'artiste
Size137,00 x 180,00 cm
Breton Auction, 2003Lot 4287
CategoriesModern Paintings
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