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[How, through you, can surrealism return…]

Undated letter [May 1956]



Authors Claude Galocher, Jean Chevalier
Letter to André Breton
Person cited René Guénon


Undated letter from Jean Chevalier and Claude Galocher to André Breton [May 1956].

Breton would on the whole offer a very political reading of his interest in Celtic art in response to this questionnaire letter: asked by Les Cahiers d'histoire et de folklore about the way in which surrealism might live out its relationship with this Tradition (with a capital ‘T’ in the question put to him), the poet reaffirms a fundamental vocation to that heterodoxy which precisely could never be in thrall to any tradition. But, he adds, those who are ‘free beings’, having resisted the invader, and notably its religious ideas, seem to him worthy of being followed in their refusal of any enslavement. In this way what starts to appear in the shadow of the Gauls is both some recent history, characterised by the ideals of the Resistance, and another even more recent history, in which the little surrealist village resists despite all against churches of all kinds – including Stalinist ones. [Atelier André Breton website, 2005]


Signed handwritten letter, Dol de Bretagne, undated [May 1956] 
Handwritten questionnaire letter in blue biro on the headed notepaper of Les Cahiers d’histoire et de folklore, signed by Jean Chevalier and Claude Galocher of the "Libraire Celtique". 1 sheet. [Auction catalogue, 2003]

Creation datemai 1956
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1 in-4° page manuscript in blue ink.

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Bibliothèque littéraire Jacques Doucet, Paris : BRT 116

Number of pages1 p.
Breton Auction, 2003Lot 2430
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CategoriesCorrespondence, Letters to André Breton
Set[Correspondance] Lettres autour de l'art gaulois
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Manuscript (in two stages) by André Breton in response to a question about Surrealism, dated 30-31 May 1956.

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