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Enquiry for Formes de l'art



Author André Breton


Questionnaire sent to eighty artists and specialists in 1955 for the enquiry on magic art.

This document, essential for an understanding of the overall work completed by Breton for his enquiry into magic art, is simply the framework of the questionnaire sent to eighty artists and specialists in 1955. Breton, as is clear from the questions on the back, guides correspondents between their professional and intellectual approach to those objects and practices connected to magic (notably with questions relating to the contemporary age that has allegedly replaced the fiction of magic in favour of a magic of fiction), and their personal perception of the world – thus giving access to a more personal space, the one some have seen as ‘superstition’ or a feeling of the sacred, and that psychoanalysts term ‘magical behaviour’. [Atelier André Breton website, 2005]

This enquiry about magic art, published in the middle of the volume, has been slipped into a copy of L'Art magiquethat is already enhanced with a manuscript list and a letter from the Club français du Livre to an unidentified recipient (André Breton or Gérard Legrand). [Atelier André Breton website, 2019]

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2 in-4° pages.

Date of publication 1955
Publicationfirst publication
Number of pages2 p.
Breton Auction, 2003Lot 2435
CategoriesArchives, Archival Documents
Set[Inquiries] L'Art magique
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[Ça fait plus de deux mois...]

Pierre Daura, Louise Daura


Lettre accompagnée des réponses manuscrites de Pierre Daura aux questions imprimées de Breton pour l'enquête sur l'art magique.

Huit images, une notice descriptive, une série, un lien, une notice associée.

[Inquiries] L'Art magique


L'Art magique

André Breton


Première édition de L'Art magique d'André Breton paru en 1957 aux éditions du Club Français du Livre, Paris.

Trois images, une notice descriptive, un lien.

[Inquiries] L'Art magique


Formes de l'art

Hyeronimus Bosch, André Breton


Imprimé signé d'André Breton et adressé à Pierre Daura vers 1955.

Deux images, une notice descriptive, une série, un lien, une notice associée.

[Inquiries] L'Art magique