This website gives you access to the reproduction of original documents conserved in public institutions (museums, libraries) and in private collections.

The copyrights of such documents belong to the authors, artists and beneficiaries named on the notice. Their representatives are mentioned in the credits attached to each notice. We recommend that you contact them to request their authorization before ordering the reproduction of an image which appears on our website.

The written text which appears on the notices is covered by the creative contribution license (cc-by-nc). The written text is therefore free from copyright law given that you cite the text correctly and that you cite the author of the notice and you indicate the title, permanent link and the name of the website in your reference. If you are citing the English translation of the text, then you must also cite the name of the translator of that notice.

Once your order has been completed, you will be sent a bill. The images will be sent do you in 300dpi (maximum) after your bill has been paid in full.

It is asked that you send two copies of your publication to the Association. The address of the Association will be sent to you with your invoice.



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Pricing (before taxes) for image reproductions


Weight of images delivered in JPEG or TIFF format

Digital images delivered via Internet


High definition 300 dpi ......................70,00 €


Price reductions

For scholars and students .................- 25 %


Mailing fees

Fees are evaluated at.... 4,00 €