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Benjamin Péret's Suggestions for the Surrealist Exhibition, July 1947



Author Benjamin Péret
People cited Ernest Meissonier, Jeanne Sabrenas, Jacques Hérold, Kurt Seligmann


Altars, votive objects: the "Benjamin Péret's suggestions for the Surrealist Exhibition" (that is to say, the exhibition of 1947, organised by Breton and Duchamp at the Maeght gallery in July) testify to the collective interest for a "new myth," elaborated in the very terms Breton used to describe the exhibition. Péret suggests, another (Hérold, Seligmann ?) drawing: a sign of true group work. Playing on the sacred, and destruction (fake spiders, broken instruments), these are the two major figures which structure the suggestions of Péret. 

Benjamin Péret's suggestions for the exhibition of 1947:
6 original drawings in Indian ink (19 x 11,6 cm) on Bristol board, titled in black pencil:
1) "Food for Altar n°3 (Engine oil in a Venetian crystal glass)"
2) "Food for Altar n°4 (A big bone - fragment of the painting: Dream of Meissonnier)"
3) "Food for Altar n°11 (Bowl - Red wine - Wood coal)"
4) "Food for Altar n°12 (Pieces of musical instruments)"
5) "Votive object for the Soigneur de gravité"
6) "Votive object for: Jeanne Sabronas (Plate - Milk - Fake Spider)"

- Envelope (14 x 20 cm), intitled "Benjamin Péret's suggestions for the Surrealist Exhibition," illustrated with an original ink drawing.

Creation datesd
Physical descriptionDs originaux - encre noire

Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Centre Pompidou, Paris : Fonds André Breton 10592 Boîte de la vente

Size11,60 x 19,00 cm
Number of pages6 p.
Breton Auction, 2003Lot 2282
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Set[Exhibitions] 1947, Exposition Maeght 1947
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