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Advisory Board

Henri Béhar

Specialist of the avant-garde, editor of the complete works of Roger Vitrac and Tristan Tzara, author of a biography of André Breton and the Dictionnaire André Breton (Dictionary of André Breton) (Garnier, 2013), Henri Béhar is professor emeritus of French Literature at the University of Paris III, La Sorbonne Nouvelle. He is also the editor of the journal, Mélusine, cahiers du Centre de recherche sur le surréalisme, and directs the Mélusine Library published by l'Âge d'Homme.

Jacqueline Chénieux-Gendron

Director emerita of research at CNRS, and former Professor at the University of Paris-Diderot of Paris 7, and Princeton University in the United States. Jacqueline Chénieux-Gendron organized the first research group in France dedicated to Surrealism in 1975 at CNRS. Notable publications include: Le Surréalisme et le roman in 1983 (Surrealism and the Novel), republished by Honoré Champion in 2014 as Inventer le réel, Le Surréalisme et le roman (Inventing the Real, Surrealism and the Novel) (1922-1950), and Il y aura une fois, une anthologie du surréalisme (There will be a time, an Anthology of Surrealism), published by Gallimard, New Editions, 2004; Folio/texts 3674. Jacqueline Chénieux-Gendron founded and directed the journal Pleine Marge, a journal of literature, fine art and criticism, published by Peeteres Editions, 1986-2009.

Isabelle Diu

Specialist in literature, curator of library holdings, director of the Jacques Doucet Literary Library. Author of numerous articles, organizer of conferences on the subjects of the history of the book, and the circulation of texts. She has notably participated in the work, History of French Publication, directed by Henri-Jean Martin. Co-author with Elisabeth Parinet, a History of Authors, published in 2013.

Anne Egger

Doctor in Art History (University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), Anne Egger is the author of many books dedicated to Surrealism, including a biography of Robert Desnos (Fayard) which won awards from the Society of People of Literature (Grant Thyde-Monnier, 2007), and from the French Academy (the Silver Medal of the Emile Faguet Award, 2008). She also wrote Césaire-Picasso, Corps Perdu, Histoire d'une rencontre (Césaire-Picasso, Lost Body, History of an Encounter) (HC, 2011). Egger is also the exhibition curator of Robert Desnos. Des images et des mots (Robert Denos. Images and Words) (BHVP, 1999) and André Masson, un nomade à Paris (André Masson, a Nomad in Paris) (Museum of Montparnasse), 2010-2011 among others. She is also the historic advising counsel for the collection Phares: Desnos, Wilfredo Lam, Masson and Claude Cahun (in progress).

Marcel Fleiss

Born in Paris in 1934, Marcel Fleiss became friends with Man Ray during the 1960s. The photographer introduced him to Dalí, Ernst, Meret Openheim, Masson, etc. In 1972 he opened the Gallery of Quatre Mouvements (Four Movements) and organized the Gallery's first exhibition on the work of Man Ray, followed by an exhibition on Matta. In 1981, he opened the Gallery 1900-2000, where to this day more than 150 exhibitions have been held, the majority of them headlining surrealist artists. Expert in house during the Breton auction of 2003.

David Fleiss

Directs the Gallery 1900-2000 with his father, Marcel Fleiss. His areas of expertise are surrealist photography and the work of Marcel Duchamp, for which he was the specialist during the Breton auction in 2003.

Jean-Michel Goutier

Member of the last surrealist group organized by André Breton, Jean-Michel Goutier has notably collaborated on two important exhibitions dedicated to André Breton at the Pompidou Center: André Breton, La Beauté convulsive (André Breton, Convulsive Beauty), in 1991, and La Révolution surréaliste 1919-1945 (The Surrealist Revolution 1919-1945), in 2002. In 1991, he published Je vois, j'imagine (I see, I imagine), the poem-objects of André Breton with Gallimard; in 1998 he participated in Cahier de L'Herne André Breton; and in 2007 he published with Carnets de L'Herne André Breton, Mettre au ban les partis politiques (Remove the Political Parties). In 2003 he gave the lecture André Breton, collection manifeste (André Breton, Manifest Collection) at the Pompidou Center, and at the Comunidad de Madrid the year after. In 2009, Jean-Michel Goutier wrote the Hommage for the inauguration of the André Breton Place in Paris, and published André Breton's Lettres à Aube (Letters to Aube) with Gallimard. He gave a new conference on the André Breton Collection at the Beyeler Foundation in 2011.

Marie Mauzé

Ethnologist, member of the Laboratory of Social Anthropology (CNRS), Marie Mauzé is a specialist of Amerindian societies of the North-West coast. Since 1980, she has conducted field surveys of the Kwakwaka'wakw of British Columbia (Canada) and written numerous articles in French and international journals. She has co-published with Marine Degli, Les Arts Premiers (Gallimard, col. Découvertes, 2000), and co-directed with Michael Harkin and Sergei Kan, Coming to shore. Northwest Coast Ethnology, Traditions, and Visions, Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 2004.

Anhony JP Meyer

Son of antiquarians, Anthony JP Meyer is an art dealer and an expert in the traditional and ancient arts of Oceania, and of the Eskimo people of the Antarctic Circle. Since the beginning of the 1980s, he has directed the Gallery Meyer - Oceanic Art in Paris. He is the author of numerous thematic exhibition catalogs, in particular the important work: Oceanic Art (Könemann, 1995). Collector, his personal interests are focused on the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages, Modern and Contemporary Art – in particular, German painting post-1945, Surrealism, and photography from its birth to 1900.

Gilles Mioni

After studying Modern Literature at the University of Paris-8 - Vincennes, Gilles Mioni turned to information technology, and pursued studies at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM), where he learned the profession of Technology Project Manager. Author of numerous texts on Information Technology, he has not neglected his love for literature, as he is particularly interested in Surrealism.

Camille Morando

Doctor of Art History, former scholar in residence at INHA, manager of documentation of modern collections at the National Museum of Art- CCI, and professor of Art History of the 20th century at the Ecole du Louvre. She co-directed Victor Brauner. écrits et correspondances, 1938-1948 (Victor Brauner. Writings and Correspondences, 1938-1948) with S. Patry (2005) and The Library of André Masson. An Archeology, with H. Parant and F. Flahutez, and wrote André Masson, Biographie (1896-1941) (André Masson, Biography (1896-1941)), vol. III of the Comprehensive Catalog of Painted Works (2010). Author of numerous essays about G. Bataille, M. Leiris, R. Caillois, A. Masson, A. Artaud, P. Picasso, Taro Okamoto, Isabelle Wadlberg, V. Brauner, Aurelie Nemours, the review Inquisitions, the College of Sociology, Acéphale, and Russian Literature among others. Camille has also written biographies on Aurelie Nemours, Pierre Soulages, Geneviève Asse. In addition, she writes bibliographic records and notes on works for exhibition catalogs and for the collection at the Pompidou Center. She has participated in numerous conferences, co-directs the Masters students at the Ecole du louvre, and has just started coordinating issue 71 for the journal Art History on « L'écrit dans l'œuvre » ("The Written in the Work").

Didier Schulmann

Directing heritage officer and curator at the Pompidou Center, in charge of the documentation and the collection of the Museum of Modern Art at the Kandinsky Library. Contributor to the Encyclopedia Universalis, Didier Schulmann is the author of L'Artiste et ses lieux de création (The Artist and Their Places of Creation) (2007), Trésors de la biliothèque Kandinsky (Treasures of the Kandinsky Library) and Le Fonds Paul Destribats: Une collection de revues et de périodiques des avant-gardes intérnationales à la Kandinsky (The Paul Destribats Archive: A Collection of International Avant-Garde Reviews and Journals at the Kandinsky Library)(2011).