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Literature new series

Nouvelle série, n°3



Edited by André Breton, Philippe Soupault
Text by Simone Kahn, ép. Breton puis Collinet, André Breton, Jean Paulhan


A major vehicle of Surrealist thought, Littérature would publish some of the most important surrealist texts such as The Magnetic Fields. The title of Littérature was originally proposed by Paul Valéry, who was inspired by the last line of one of Verlaine's art poétique (1874): "And all the rest is literature". André Breton, director and co-editor of the review said that the adoption of this title was done in the spirit of derision.

The first 20 issues extend from March 1919 to August 1921. The "new series," (nouvelle série), was issued after the controversial Barrès case, and impending break with the Dada movement. Presented here we have the full series: 13 issues from March 1922 to June 1924, including one double issue (11/12). This beautiful copy was bound by Paul Bonet for André Breton. The cover has a golden backing, where each letter of the title "Littérature" intercalates with a band of colored morocco and holds the dates of publication.

Associated with this third issue are the following documents:

Images 1-2.  Cover and summary page of issue three of the journal Literature, new series.

Images 3-16. Handwritten manuscript "The Year of the Red Hats" (« L'année des chapeaux rouges ») by André Breton, with numerous markings and corrections. Some of these pages are seemingly written by his first wife, Simone Kahn.  This partially automatic text is published in the journal Literature and is the last of 31 short stories written and combined the same year in the collection Poisson soluble.

Image 17. Note relative to "The year of the Red Hats"  (« L'Année des chapeaux rouges ») handwritten by Jean Paulhan: "... At this moment I am at a lack of laudatory words to be able to tell you that nothing of yours seems more necessary nor more powerful. I shake your hands..."  ("Je manque trop de mots élogieux en ce moment pour pouvoir vous dire que rien de vous ne m'a paru encore aussi nécessaire ni aussi fort. Je vous serre les mains...").

Bibliographical materialBreton Auction 2003, lot 1125. May 1922. In-4°
Date of publication 1922
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Original publication date1922
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