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Fragment of a manuscript of one of the three lectures given in Martinique by André Breton at the end of the winter of 1946.

This fragment is all that remains of the three lectures Breton gave in Martinique following his stay in Haiti in the winter of 1946. Everything indicates that he re-used some of his Haitian lectures, substituting this fragment at the beginning of one of them (the first one?), adapting it to the particular circumstances in which he delivered his speech. [Atelier André Breton website, 2005]

Conference, autograph manuscript, Fort-de-France, undated [1946].

- 2 pages in-4° Autograph manuscript in ink with erasures and corrections by Breton of this lecture delivered in Martinique.

"An irresistible call led me to return to Martinique, to the island that welcomed me when I left France in 1941, and I can say that it was for me the first and last enchanted stage on the road to exile. Each time since, when nostalgia visited me, it is Martinique that has fixed this nostalgia in the manner of a particularly fascinating lustre in the ears of France. To return to France without passing through Martinique would have left me with the remorse of an infidelity.” [Auction Catalogue, 2003]

Creation date1946
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2 pages in-4°, autograph manuscript in ink.

Number of pages2 p.
Breton Auction, 2003Lot 2263
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Set[AB's Manuscripts] Haïti
ExhibitionSérie de conférences en Martinique
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