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Letter-pamphlet written by Aragon and Breton, published on February 12th, 1929. Answers should be addressed to Raymond Queneau.

Letter-tract pamphlet by Raymond Queneau, addressed to 74 writers and artists asking them about their position on the possibility of a common action. [Auction catalogue, 2003]

Sent by Raymond Queneau in February 1929, this questionnaire addressed to numerous public figures (“Mister…”) acknowledges the difficulties encountered by reviews like La Révolution surréaliste, Le Grand Jeu, La Lutte de classes, Distances, L'Esprit, all of which have almost ceased publication. He asks the addressees if they would be ready to commit themselves to act, and how they should proceed, in order to renew a forum of intellectual life. [Gilles Mioni, André Breton site, 2011]

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Creation date12/02/1929
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Paris, s.é., 12 février 1929. Double feuillet in-8°.

Date of publication 12/02/1929
Publicationfirst publication
Number of pages4 p.
PublisherSans éditeur
Breton Auction, 2003Lot 1603
Keywords, , , ,
CategoriesLetters from André Breton, Pamphlets
Set[Archives] dossier A.A.E.R./A.E.A.R, Le Grand Jeu, [Journal] Variétés, Tracts surréalistes et déclarations collectives
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[You absolutely don’t lose...]

Louis Aragon, André Breton

Handwritten draft by Louis Aragon of a letter addressed to various figures of the intellectual world, dated February 12th, 1929.

[Archives] dossier A.A.E.R./A.E.A.R, [Journal] Variétés