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Author André Breton


Manuscripts of dream phrases, dated 2 December 1960, decorated with a drawing, drafted and signed.

"There will always be a shovel to the wind in the sands of dreams.” Taking up a few striking phrases - of the type about which he had said in 1924 that they "knocked at the window" - in 1960 Breton produced a sort of anthology of these strange maxims that appear during a dream or upon waking. The collection, entitled Le La, was published in November 1961 by P.-A. B., in Alès, with a lithograph by Jean Benoît. The fragments of manuscript gathered here are interesting in that they give indications as to how Breton conceived this bibliophile work materially. We thus have the different states of a collection conceived in the manner of a beautiful object, the challenge being to highlight and underline the singular strength of each of the sentences. [Atelier André Breton website, 2005] 


Signed autograph manuscripts and original drawing, Paris, 2 December 1960. 

- Original layout for Le La, 12-page handwritten notebook in ink, folioed, titled ‘André Breton. Le La’, with erasures and corrections by Breton on D'Arcy Galleries letterheaded paper. The short texts - apart from the edits - were published in Le La by P.A.B. in 1961. [Sale Catalogue, 2003]


André Breton, Le La, P.A.B. Alès, 1961, 60 exemplaires avec une lithographie de Jean Benoît

André Breton (Édition publiée sous la direction d'Étienne-Alain Hubert avec la collaboration de Philippe Bernier et Marie-Claire Dumas), Le La, Œuvres complètes, tome IV, Écrits sur l'art et autres textes, Bibliothèque de la Pléiade, Paris, Gallimard, 2008, p. 339-344, notice p. 1247-1248.


Creation date02/12/1960
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12 handwritten pages in ink in a notebook, in-12, folioed.

Physical descriptionMs et placard collé - encres bleue et noire,crayon sur papier noir et un Ds de André Breton
Breton Auction, 2003Lot 2488
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CategoriesAndre Breton's Manuscripts
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Signed manuscript by André Breton dated 2 December 1960.

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