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Portrait of Paul Éluard



Person cited Paul Éluard


Photographic portrait of Paul Éluard circa 1927, attributed to Man Ray but which was taken by a photo booth.

Handwritten annotation on the back: Éluard (image of the back missing). [Auction catalogue, 2003]. This is from a photo booth—the photo n°7 linked to this description proves it—produced by a machine, consequently without a known author. However, the reprint could have been done by Man Ray because it is indicative of his work. [David Fleiss, 2015]


Creation datevers 1929
Date of publication 1929
Physical description21,8 x 16,6 cm (8 9/16 x 6 9/16 in.)
Size21,80 x 16,60 cm
Breton Auction, 2003Lot 5266
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