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A printed double page leaflet and typescript addressed to Breton in response to this enquiry on striptease, published in spring 1958 in Le Surréalisme, même no. 4.

Striptease is certainly one of the fashionable themes in this period at the end of the 1950s; Barthes discussed it in his book Mythologies, which would be cited in this ‘mixed’ enquiry sent out to men and women invited to respond to a list of various questions. Max Walter Svanberg gives a detailed response... in Swedish; it would be translated and published in Le Surréalisme, même. As for the on-going subject, it would reappear in 1959 during the discussions relating to the organisation of the International Surrealist Exhibition at the galerie Daniel Cordier. 

Printed leaflet, 1957. 
Titled ‘Enquiry’, this leaflet gathers together the questions posed by Breton on striptease to a number of selected writers and artists. The deadline for replies is July 1957 for publication in October of that year in no. 3 of Le Surréalisme, même. [Atelier André Breton website, 2021]

Undated typescript. 
Typescript in Swedish signed by Max Walter Svanberg on the printed double-page leaflet of the enquiry on striptease. 
This text of Svanberg’s response would be published in French in no. 4 of Le Surréalisme, même. [Auction catalogue, 2003]

Creation datesd [1957 et 1958]
Publicationfirst publication
LanguagesFrench, Swedish
Breton Auction, 2003Lot 2455
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CategoriesArchives, Surrealists Manuscripts
Set[Enquêtes] Enquête sur le strip-tease, [Archives] Le surréalisme, même
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