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This voluminous correspondence consists of letters of appreciation to Breton from those who received a copy of The Communicating Vessels from him in 1932. Included are a few fan letters (for example, there is a letter from a reader in Grenoble who felt heartened by the book). Among the correspondents it’s worthwhile mentioning the names of those who were close to the movement (such as A. Rolland de Renéville, who takes the opportunity to share news about Gilbert-Lecomte and Daumal, his pals from the “Grand jeu”; it’s to be noted as well that such friendship doesn’t exclude problems, for it is during this same year that Breton responds to literary attacks in the “Letter to Rolland de Renéville”), of friends and acquaintances such as Charles de Noailles and Henri Pastoureau, but also of more distant figures such as Paul Bourget: it is clear that Breton and Gallimard sought to maximize the number of book recipients. (1 to 22) Handwritten letters from various authors. (21 to 23) Handwritten postcard from Claude Cahun – signed with her real name: Lucie Schwob - to André Breton saying that she was very moved by the book. (envelope conserved). (45 to 47) Handwritten letter dated "Carcassonne January 29th, 1933" signed with ink by Joë Bousquet in which he describes to Breton his excitement of reading the “Communicating Vessels” (2 pages in-4). (83 to 85) Handwritten letter dated and signed with ink by Georges Hugnet (one page in 4°, envelope conserved). (88 to 91) 2 pages in-12, handwritten letter dated “Barcelona December 24th, 1932” and signed with ink by Joan Miró to André Breton in which he congratulates him for his last book and asks for a paper for an exhibition at the Colle Gallery (envelope conserved). (114 to 116) Handwritten letter dated 12/12/32 and signed by Maxime Alexandre to André Breton, in which he congratulates him on "The Communicating Vessels" after writing about a heated correspondence after a paper given for the N.R.F. (2 pages in-4) (envelope conserved).
Creation date1932
SetLe Grand Jeu
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