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Jacqueline Lamba

 Jacqueline Lamba's life spanned the XXth century, closely entwined with leading avant garde figures, both in painting and literature. A free – spirit - independent, rebellious, intransigent – she fought her life long to live fully as an artist.

After a decisive encounter with André Breton in 1934, described in his book L'Amour fou, Jacqueline became his second wife in August 1935, and gave birth soon after to Aube, the poet’s only daughter. From 1935 to 1945 she played an active part in the Surrealist Mouvement.

After separating from Breton in 1942, she lived with the painter and sculptor David Hare in the United States, until 1955. In 1948, they had a son, Merlin. In 1955, Jacqueline moved back to France where she lived until her death in 1993. These years were entirely devoted to painting.

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